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Minutes of the 18 July 2006 Community Meeting

1. Police report

Sgt Laurence Cartwright reported that the CMPCA area had one of the lowest rates for major crime. SR Steve Crockett had found PC stationed at Clock Tower (8.30-9.30) very helpful. Cemetery gates: cause for optimism, encouraged residents to write to Matt Easlon (i/c of anti-social behaviour unit at Council) re incidents including anti-social daytime behaviour. Locks for inner city homes: CMPCA area eligible for limited need-based funds for elderly, vulnerable and those that can’t pay: alert Sgt LC direct to possible eligible cases or via CMPCA and he will assess. Changes in licensing law: anecdotal evidence from Temple Street and Marlborough St SRs that noise now spread throughout night (woken hourly); noise key problem, not anti-social behaviour so difficult to deal with. Key issue – naming pub where drunk to excess; police very sensitive to these issues (were against changes) and will try to change times of patrols where consistent problems; asked to report back on experience to date on effects of changes. Neighbourhood Watch: feeling that these schemes had fallen into disuse (if you want one, contact Sgt LC).

2. Priorities for the year

The following themes were agreed as priorities for meetings for the next 12 months, under overarching theme of ‘fostering a sense of community’: the built environment (including security, waste collection (number of issues of concern – mess caused by black bags put out too early, how to get commercial premises to re-cycle); secondary schools admissions policy ( possibility of someone to speak when recommendations available in September); West Pier Trust and i360 planning application (Brighton Eye) in next 6 mths; Andy Winter (BHT) and First Base Centre; City Transport policy (including bike policy – not just tuk-tuks!); Think Global/ Act Local (food miles, fairtrade and other local/global issues)

3. How to be a greener resident in a conservation area

Presentations by Jim Watson (SPRU at University of Sussex) on global impact of our actions, Joyce Edmond-Smith, Chair, Sustainability Commission on City’s initiatives, Sue Paskins, Street Rep and Green Party Councillor on individuals’ role. See CMPCAnews 5 for full report.

4. Minutes of meeting of 23 March agreed as a true record.

5. Update from Management Committee

Chair Adam Jones reported that MC had met 3 times; a Garden Party had been held; the CMPCA’s application for charitable status had been submitted; Committee member Nick von Tunzelmann was investigating road signage inappropriate in a conservation area; policy established of Committee members not speaking on behalf of CMPCA unless authorised by Community Meeting or MC.

6. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Peter Freeman reported that there was currently £2700 in the bank (although much of this was prepaid advertising).

7. Parking Review

Councillor Roy Pennington said that new Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) about the boundary changes would be advertised on 25 July; residents on boundaries of North/South zone would receive postcards informing them of 3 weeks to object to Environment Committee: better to specify objections/argue for a different boundary and not use standard letter. Officers will list all objections submitted for Environment Committee to consider in October. Single/double yellow lines were being looked at on a street by street basis (not sure when) and singles will only be changed on safety grounds ecurity – needs monitoring.

8. Update on RAH site

Peter Freeman reported that Fishersgate had bought the Carpark site and were rumoured to be hoping to putting 7 town houses on the site. Guide price for main site was £10m, bids were in and outcome would be announced in 2 weeks. Most of the many bidders wanted to demolish all buildings, others to retain at least the frontage and convert into flats etc. Since last meeting CMPCA had written to planners re need for new premises for primary health care. Recent Primary Care TrustCT survey concluded Montpelier Surgery premises in Victoria Road ‘not fit for 21st centurypurpose’ and nowhere else in area suitable for GPs’ surgeries apart from RAH site. Council revealed at recent meeting that it was under pressure from locals about using the RAH for this purpose (showing that our views were getting through). Agreed must keep up pressure, particularly with new purchaser.

9. Any Other Business

Zocalo Chris Callard, St Michael’s Place, introduced the idea of a relaxed Mexican style street party – a Zocalo – (recently held successfully in Hanover) whereby everyone simply takes chairs and drinks out on to the street on an agreed evening and socialises. It was agreed to advertise this on a street by street basis, by means of posters and leaflets to take place on Sunday 3 September. Chris to design posters. Christmas Party Proposal to hold Christmas Party in St Nicholas Church (now a multipurpose facility) preceded by musical evening (hopefully provided by residents and Father Robert Chavner). Jote Osahn, musician and new SR for Montpelier Villas, helping to organise. More musicians needed! Photo Competition Roz Charters, SR St Michael’s Place suggested a photo competition – to be advertised in newsletter and judged at Christmas Party. New Start Time It was agreed that meetings would start at 8pm in future, to allow people who worked to attend more easily. Police Surgery at 7.30pm.

40 attended


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