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Minutes of the 19 September 2006 Community Meeting

1. Police report

Sgt Marcus Puddephat introduced himself as the new local team leader and promised “to listen” and act wherever possible. CMPCA will receive his card with contact numbers. Reported a slight increase in burglaries but not in the main from single occupancy houses. The two churchyards are high priority for community police; there are three shifts a day, each has to visit the churchyards at least once.

2.  i360  David Marks, Architect and Rachel Clark, West Pier Trust

David Marks gave a presentation showing i360 from all angles and emphasising the sensitivity behind the planning and design. He said it should “lift” the area, creating new jobs, with minimum impact: 1% of ticket revenue would go on improvement to local area. It will create a quiet and energy efficient tourist attraction.
The wreckage of the landward end of the West pier will be removed, leaving the Island which will be made safe. Features such as old pillars, kiosks, under-road arches will be restored and used. Among improvements will be wheelchair access to the lower promenade and a heritage centre at that level. Apart from the construction period, the ‘footprint’ will be little bigger than that already taken up by the shore remains of the pier. Rachel Clarke expressed the West Pier Trust’s support of the new development and the hope of eventually linking the Island to the shore.
Members sought assurances on the impact on traffic flows, on lighting and noise and assurances on the visual impact.
Members were recommended to view the web site:

3. Minutes of previous meeting

These were approved.

4. Parking review

Councillor Roy Pennington reported the failure at committee to approve the proposals and suggested with John Warmington a combined approach from community organisations in central Brighton to guide the council on implementing the beneficial aspects of the review.

5. Royal Alexandra Hospital

Peter Freeman reported that, although there had been no response from Rob Fraser to our letters, the Council had asked the preferred bidder selected by the Hospital Trust to contact  the Primary Care Trust. The car park site had been bought by Fishersgate Ltd, a local firm, who had agreed to talk to CMPCA as soon as there were plans. The hospital’s move from the present site had been postponed to June 2007.

6. AOB

A reminder of next meetings at 8pm in St Mary Magdalen’s Community Centre: 17 October, Secondary Schools Admissions policy, Gil Sweetenham; 21 November: Brighton Housing Trust and First Base, Andy Winter; 12 December Christmas concert and party at St Nicholas’ Church

35 attended


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