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Minutes of the 3 December 2005 Committee Meeting

Present: Adam Jones, Corinne Attwood, Philippa Sankey, Peter Freeman, Ann Smith, Nick von Tunzelmann

Discussion of planning for public meeting on Royal Alex
Councillor Roy Pennington attended for this part of the meeting to discuss the way forward re the public meeting on 20 Feb 2006 and the proposed steering group.

Roy Pennington confirmed that the council would be funding the public meeting and in the light of this, his strategy was as follows:

  1. He would write inviting chairs of the collaborating organisations (CMPCA, MCHA, PSCA, WHCA and Wykeham Terrace) to join a steering group, convened under his chairmanship to meet early in the NY. The number of reps per organisation to be left open.
  2. Roy to be the person to contact all relevant parties (Lee Soden, Rob Fraser, Roger Dowty) and formally invite them to attend. (NB start time to be 7.30pm NOT 7pm as in recent document circulated by at MCHA).
  3. Roy to be the conduit for all public announcements about the meeting (NOT individual organisations). No individual organisation to approach eg the Council for funding for eg circulating questionnaires or surveys (it was agreed that there was insufficient time to ask the Council to conduct a survey.
  4. Each organisation to be invited to circulate to the steering group one side of A4 setting out what they considered the purpose of the steering group to be(including its tors) and what it and the public meeting should achieve. No talk at this stage of what paper if any would be produced by the steering group (and no reference to a ‘development brief’).
  5. Roy to co-opt expertise on to the steering group such architects Bernard and Frances Howells (experts on the Alex) and Nigel Pittman (former civil servant working in the listing department and expert on heritage issues). Roy authorised CMPCA to explore their involvement with them (Nigel has already agreed).
  6. Roy agreed to restrict the line up at the front at the public meeting to him as chair, plus Trust and Council reps, NOT collaborating organisations. Meeting to last from 7.30pm – 9 pm and business limited to the hospital issue (not individual organisations’ business).
  7. RP to invite Dawn Davidson to public meeting (and CMPCA would also mention it when sending newsletter).

CMPCA would respond to David Lepper’s reply re listing (copy passed to Roy) and tell him about the 20 Feb meeting and invite him to attend (RP also to invite him).


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