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Minutes of the 7 January 2006 Committee Meeting

Present: Adam Jones (in the chair), Corinne Attwood, Peter Freeman, Philippa Sankey, Ann Smith, Graham Towers, Paul Vitalis, Nick von Tunzelmann.

  1. All present agreed to become acting members of the Management Committee after the adoption of the constitution at the 17 January meeting.
  2. It was also agreed that we should start a book recording ‘active’ membership wef the 17 Jan meeting
  3. RAH site: PF to tell RP that the MCHA questionnaire should not be analysed at Council expense as not scientifically worded or distributed and impossible to monitor responses (eg some houses have received 2 copies); PF would also ask RP (as already discussed) to co-opt Fran or Bernard Howells, local architects on to the Strg Grp (PS to alert Bernard to site visit)
  4. PF and GT to rep CMPCA at site tour (Wed 11 Jan) and at first Stg Grp meeting
  5. Agreed that we did not want to see 'over-development' or inappropriate devt and probably some sort of mixed use. PF reported on PCT interest in active discussion with LS re Queen’s Rd and Victoria Rd surgeries having multi-use surgery (like Preston Rd). Other possible community uses discussed: PF to find out about Children’s Trust interest (and St George’s at corner of Clifton Terrace); care of the elderly. Check on the background to the development of Homelees and the planning constraints applied.

Agreed should be selective about who we alert in the city – restrict to those with ‘sentimental’ interest in the hospital eg those who’ve donated to Rocking Horse Appeal (PS to pursue with governor contact).


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