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Minutes of the 14 January 2006 Committee Meeting

Present: Corinne Attwood, Peter Freeman, Adam Jones, Jenny & John Riddington, Philippa Sankey, Ann Smith, Nick von Tunzelman, Paul Vitalis.


  1. To prepare for CMPCA meeting on 17th January 2006
  2. To update on RAH

1. Constitution

PS to introduce Constitution at meeting on 17/1.
PS to check boundary of CMPCA – debate about whether to list all boundary streets or to state that we cover the Conservation Area, or area north of Regency Ward – decided to stick to Conservation Area.
PS to check name of Conservation Area – has it changed from Clifton Hill to Montpelier & Clifton Hill Conservation Area? (see October 2005 Character Statement on Council website)

PS has discussed this issue with Community Matters – we don't need to charge subscriptions but should get membership list – get people to sign in at meetings as active members. Prepare membership application form like Powis Square one. Consider Data Protection issues.
Going through Constitution: provision for sub-committees: need to set one up for RAH redevelopment. See Charity Commission website – document CC3 on duties and responsibilities of Charity Trustees.

Only a little more advertising needed in case some 'one-offs' in issue 2 do not re-advertise.. Next issue to have Festival pull-out / 7 Dials Trail. Ad revenue is covering costs well – cost of producing 3rd NL already covered. Need articles from other residents. Policy on relevance of submissions?

2. RAH Site Visit on Wed. 11th January 2006

Graham Towers, Peter Freeman, Roy Pennington, Roger Amerena, Ian Thorburn, and Robert Gregory from West Hill. No-one from Powis Square. GT & PF impressed by building – more in favour of listing afterwards.
RA pointed out need for security after building vacated, before sale completion.
RA pointed out risk that as there is extensive building underneath garden, this could be used to justify new building on surface.

NB: RAH staff want to transfer some features of old building to new site eg stained glass – but would devalue current building and weaken case for listing.

MCHA survey – received 230 questionnaires back in all. Council to do analysis – may not be simply statistical analysis but also saying what value the survey actually has. To be discussed at SG meeting – validity of questionnaire, unscientific method – no names and addresses therefore inevitable duplication.

Planning Brief – what would need to be in it, if we prepared one.

Council did a short one for Air St. Quadrant site – lot of work involved although only short – great deal of research in Council documents – traffic, water etc. Final result did not resemble brief to great extent.

Selma Montford of Brighton Society opposed to listing but others on Committee are in favour. Committee members concerned about development on all the green space on the RAH site.


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