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Minutes of the 23 May 2006 Committee Meeting

Present Corinne Attwood, Roz Charters, Tony Davenport, Peter Freeman, Adam Jones, in the chair, Aidan Lunn, Philippa Sankey, Ann Smith, Graham Towers, Paul Vitalis.

Apologies: John Riddington, Nick von Tunzelmann.

The Chair welcomed all to the inaugural meeting of the Management Committee, particularly RC, AL and TD who had not been members of the interim Steering Committee. He also thanked CA, stepping down from her role as Joint Secretary, for her work.

1. Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 18 April 2006

The minutes previously circulated were approved. Matters arising not dealt with elsewhere on agenda: i) check on individual TPOs on main RAH site (PS) ii) check with Sgt Cartwright re cemetery gates (PS) iii) email City Planning Informal Advice Note to residents (PS/AS)

2. Review of AGM Draft minutes

(already circulated) agreed as true record (which could now be circulated to members and on website as draft); to be presented to the 2007 AGM for approval.

The attendance register was shown to MC members who had been unable to attend. Committee noted PV objection to the fact that all nominations had not been displayed for 14 days. PF said last-minute nomination, while allowed by current rules, made this impossible. AGM procedures to be reviewed and standing orders created and approved by MC and community meeting before next AGM. Issues to be considered include: procedures concerning nominations from the floor and consequent ballots; specifying that nominations for honorary officers are received in time to fulfil the provisions in clause 9© of the constitution; seating arrangements in the hall. Action AJ, AS and PS

3. Dates of future meetings

Dates on agenda for MC meetings on first Tuesday of the month agreed, (NB 6 June postponed to 13 June, 8 Aug should be 1 Aug, and 4 December should be 5 December). Dates for Community meetings also agreed.

4. Priorities for the year Item postponed to next meeting. Action AJ/PS for agenda

5. Community Meeting

20 June Topic for the meeting agreed – green issues in a conservation area – and to invite panel of: Joyce Edmond-Smith, Chair of Sustainability Commission, Jim Watson from SPRU, and Street Rep, Cllr Sue Paskins (Action PF). Peter Woodhead who has tried to improve environmental sustainability of his house to be asked to contribute to discussion from floor (Action AS). Agenda and flyer to street reps at least 10 days in advance (Action PS). Insertion in website (Action TD).

6. Summer Social 2 July

Agreed for maximum 50 people in Clifton Terrace Gardens 2-4 pm. Tickets £3 to cover 1 drink and small amount to eat. BYO picnic suggested plus further drinks available to buy. Zita Latham to organise food and Ian Bunday - drink Action: AS, PS Music TBA (free, preferably, but up to £50 if necessary). Blatchington Mill, BHASVIC? Action: AL, PF

7. Treasurer’s Update

The bank statement at the end of April showed a balance of £1845.83. A further £272 had been paid in since then. New treasurer still needs to be put on list of signatories after difficulties with the Bank’s paperwork. Figures for the fourth issue of NL not final, but currently indicate total revenue attributable to 4 issues to date £5207 against costs of £4290. Action: PF.

8. Communications update

i) Newsletter: Almost ready for issuing 9 June. Despite concerns about one article, it would be accepted for this issue but guide lines to be given in future. PS and CA to devise questionnaire for inclusion to get NL feedback particularly re encouraging residents’ contributions. Suggestions for future issues: features focussing on local shops, eg Clifton Hill, Upper North Street, plus interviews with SRs. Action: PS/CA

ii) Website; webmaster outlined plans and was requested by meeting to bring site up to date, starting with current newsletter (once circulated) latest minutes, notice of next meeting and summer party. Action: TD.

9. Graffiti busting

PV monitoring situation regarding graffiti. Much of local graffiti had been removed without help of Alliance. Graffiti-busting day postponed. PV to continue monitoring. Action: PV.

10. RAH update

PF and GT reported on current state of development: sale of car park completed (use of car park site by PCT ruled out); sale of main site by mid-June. It was agreed to press for community use on main site to be a Primary Care Centre using Section 106 (i.e. as condition of planning permission for commercial redevelopment) and that this should be proposed to other local groups at next RAH Steering Group meeting (5 June). Letter to be drafted immediately to this effect to issue after SG meeting. PF confirmed Montpelier surgery supported our action. Report expected from MCHA on role re Coach House at this meeting. Action: meeting, PF, GT; letter: GT/PS, AJ to send.

11. Application for Charitable Status

Processing of application may take 87 working days. Paper and copy of form DEC1 given out. DEC1 to be returned to AS by 9 June. AS to consult as needed to complete APP1 Action: AS and all committee

12. AOB

i) Reply to Channel 4 contact re dog fouling. Reply to say Alliance not to be involved but name of Street Rep Karla Williams to be passed on. Action: PS.

ii) CMPCA letter backing Karla Williams’ attempt to get financial support for eco-friendly dog mess bags and dispensers next to bins in Montpelier Cresc and St Ann’s Wells Gdns. Agreed Action: PS.

iii) Sponsorship of I. Bunday: Alliance cannot sponsor individuals but in this case would invite Ian to collect at end of Community meeting. Action: PS.

iv) Parking review report. In view of original objection, Alliance should reiterate its views to local councillors (including chair and members of Environment committee) before Committee meets on 8 June Action: GT/PS

v) Response to urgent information: AL raised matter of First Base recent planning application that had been accidentally overlooked by Alliance. Early Warning system in place whereby PS alerts MC/SRs as appropriate when contentious applications made. It was agreed to try and set up similar system re licensing applications or see whether CMPCA could be notified by Council officials of planning/licensing applications. Action: PS.


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