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Minutes of the 13 June 2006 Committee Meeting

Present Corinne Attwood, Roz Charters, Tony Davenport, Peter Freeman, Adam Jones (in the chair), Aidan Lunn, John Riddington, Philippa Sankey, Ann Smith, Graham Towers, Paul Vitalis, Nick von Tunzelmann.

1. Minutes of Management Committee meeting 23 May 2006

The Chair outlined the best practice for recording Minutes as agreed at the Steering Committee meeting of 19 February 2006. A vote was taken and it was agreed that these rules should be retained. The minutes of the 23 May meeting were amended as attached.

2. Matters arising Steering Committee minutes (18 April 2006)

PS confirmed that, as previously reported, 10 individual Tree Preservation Orders are in place for the RAH site; the meeting agreed that a copy of this document should be purchased (£30) if this information is not on the Council website (it is not). PS confirmed that Sgt Cartwright’s attempts to get the Council to lock the cemetery gate continued and he needed evidence of incidents in the cemetery. This had been requested from residents by email. JR agreed to draft letter and encourage others backing on to cemetery to do so. Action JR MC Meeting (23 May): PS had replied to Channel 4 and liaised with Karla Williams – our letter supporting her approach for funding awaits her proposal; Ian Bunday informed re sponsorship; views sent to councillors re Parking Review Report; response to urgent information – early warning system working re planning, not yet set up re licensing applications Action: PS

3. Summer Social 2 July

Tickets being sold. New offers of help from Karla Williams (+ possible musicians), Jo Bunday (children’s food), AL, AJ and JR (bar). Meeting needed of those involved Action: AS, PS

4. Community Meeting 20 June

Speakers in place. Agenda needed (at next MC meeting) to include Parking Review. Action: AJ, PS

5. Treasurer’s Update

Only change since last meeting – outgoings totalling £63.94. New treasurer still trying to get on bank’s books. Action: PF

6. Communications update

i) Newsletter: Delivery and distribution expected by end of week Action: PS/AS

ii) Website: i)TD confirmed new material placed on website. Dates of September and November meetings to be added. Action: TD

ii) Website sub-committee still to provide website proposal (see para 4 of SC minutes of 4 March). Action: CA, TD, PV iii) It was confirmed that editorial control of website rests with MC (para 6 of SC minutes of 19 Feb refer) and Chair (as per job description).

7. Application for Charitable Status

Everyone to sign form DEC1 tonight and form to be despatched as soon as possible . It was agreed that AS would be contact for Charity Commission. Action: AS and all committee

8. RAH update

PF and GT reported on Steering Group meeting of 5 June. Lee Soden had updated meeting on sale of main site and repeated his view that any developer would wish to demolish main building. Many developers drawing up plans for developing with and without main building. RA to arrange meeting between 3 / 4 bidders and CMPCA. RA already attempting to secure 106 benefit to finance Conservation Trust proposal for Coach House (hoping to get £250,000 for conversion to museum and ‘performance space’). Our letter re phc on main site not supported by Steering Group (as RA has different priorities). Letter subsequently sent from AJ to Rob Fraser at Council, copied to John James at PCT and Councillors Davidson and Pennington. Copy to be circulated to MC and placed on website Action: PS, TD Next Steering Group meeting in August when preferred bidder known. It was agreed we should push for meeting with Council once bids in. Action PF/GT

9. Communication between members

It was agreed that MC members’ names, phone numbers and addresses should be made available to MC members (but not for wider circulation) Action: AS It was agreed that email traffic should be reduced (issues could become distorted and email fatigue could set in) and emails should not replace discussion at meetings. Unless urgent, items should be held over until next MC meeting. Items for discussion to be signalled, well in advance, to Chair, and agenda and supporting papers sent out, whenever possible, 7 days before meeting. Action: AJ/PS Members unable to attend could email views prior to meeting. It was agreed that officers can take initiatives in accordance with their job descriptions, for example communicate with SRs and residents as in recent emails. It was not necessary to clear such actions with the committee. It was also noted that there had been no agreement in SC/MC to the website sub-group’s proposed e-bulletin. Website sub-group asked to circulate proposal again (through Chair) Action: CA, TD, PV

10. Priorities for the year Held over for next meeting: to be first item on the agenda.

11. AOB

i) Parking review Environment Committee agreed officials’ recommendations in principle at 8 June meeting. Officers have to conduct street by street survey re yellow lines and come back with detailed technical proposals. It was agreed we should reiterate our objections to councillors (and Charles Field) saying we were disappointed that the outcome did not take into account residents’ objections to the 2 zones – understand further consultations under way and expect issue of zones to be included; we would consult our members again at 18 July meeting Action: PS.

ii) Parking signage: NvT raised matter of unsuitable road signage in a conservation area which infringes government recommendations that such signage should be kept to a minimum. Agreed CMPCA should write supporting NvT’s letter Action: NvT/PS/AJ.

iii) Orange mast: a new application had been sent re the mast at the former Cripes building. CMPCA to write in opposition (asking for original rejection to be retained) on conservation grounds, informing Cllr Pennington it had re-appeared and asking for it to go to full committee. Action: GT/PS/AJ.


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