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Minutes of the 4 July 2006 Committee Meeting

Present: Corinne Attwood, Roz Charters, Tony Davenport, Peter Freeman, Adam Jones (in the chair), Aidan Lunn, John Riddington, Philippa Sankey, Ann Smith, Graham Towers, Apologies: Paul Vitalis, Nick von Tunzelmann.

1. Minutes of Management Committee meeting 13 June 2006

These were agreed as a true record together with the amended minutes of 23 May (as circulated).

2. Matters arising (not covered elsewhere on Agenda)

JR to pass letter re cemetery to PS; council official Matt Easlon due to discuss with PS. PS to circulate MC with copy of email re Parking Review and for website. Summer social: very positive response, 54 tickets sold and around 8 complimentary tickets given (guests and helpers); 10 or so children also attended free of charge; costs covered and small surplus made. Helpers had been thanked: cards to go to Karla (PS) and Clifton Terrace Garden committee (AS). Letter re RAH to planners issued and circulated to MC (and to be added to the website). MC members checked contact details for errors (NvT and PV to do so by email) Signage (awaiting NvT). Letter re mast issued (GT/PS), to be circulated to MC.

3. Priorities for year

All committee members invited to contribute. Overall priority to encourage communication between members – at the end of the year hope to state ‘we are a bottom-up organisation responding to our members’. Like CMPCAnews4, the agenda for 18 July should highlight that we are looking to the community for their priorities. Ideas put forward for the year and future meetings included: Andy Winter, Chief Executive Brighton Housing Trust, to talk on BHT’s work in area including First Base in Montpelier Place (for Sept meeting); the theme of ‘fostering community’ to run through the year or for one or more meetings eg on ‘Community and . . . Church/Schools/Traders’; quality of the urban environment – waste collection, recycling street cleaning, graffiti, especially how to combine street by street wishes (making people feel empowered) with Council requirements to manage economical and viable systems (perhaps with panel); landlords and HMOs (new tenants’ rights imminent); what is/isn’t allowed in Conservation Area: Neighbourhood Forums (GT to research Government policy) make contact with Brunswick; green spaces (protection and care of); outcome of licensing changes .TD suggested abolition of management committee within revised constitution; PF disagreed. It was agreed that to help working members attend, from September our community meetings would start at 8pm (with police surgery at 7.30pm).

4. Community Meeting 18 July

Agreed speakers to be invited for 19.50 to speak for 10 minutes each (PS). Agreed meeting to start with police report followed by ‘priorities for the year’ discussion, then speakers, after which the business part of the meeting; Treasurer’s Report; Parking Review (RP to be asked to do); RAH update (PF/GT), AOB. Agenda to issue to residents on these lines and placed on website. Action: AJ, PS

5. Treasurer’s Update

PF confirmed now officially on Bank’s books; £391 advertising revenue paid in since last meeting.

6. Communications update

i) Newsletter: Distribution of CMPCAnews4 in mid June. CMPCAnews5 being planned by Newsteam: hope to focus on green issues emerging from 18 July meeting; to include details of RC’s idea of photo competition (RC) Action: PS/CA

ii) Website: dates of September and November meetings still to be added (TD). It was agreed to have more folders such as schools admissions, Parking review, LDF (to include response to application, article, update from CMPCAnews 4); who we are (to include constitution (correct version to be substituted), steering committee report and Treasurer’s report (p18 and p16 CMPCAnews 4) CA and PS to liaise re text version. Visuals of website folders and layout to be circulated at next MC meeting for committee approval Action: TD

iii) e-bulletin: the purpose of the e-bulletin was explained: to direct residents to the web site where attention will be drawn to urgent issues (such as parking meeting) between newsletters. It was agreed the website sub-group would circulate a pilot e-bulletin to the MC for approval when the next urgent issue arises. Action: website sub-group

7. Application for Charitable Status

Application nearly ready to be sent. AS thanked for the huge amount of work involved. Action: AS

8. RAH update

PF reported that winner of bid for Car park site should be known this week: rumoured winner wants to put up 7 x 3 storey townhouses. Steve Crockett, Powis Grove Street Rep, keen to develop RAH sub-group of interested residents, ready to respond rapidly to developments. Agreed to put this idea to 18 July meeting; meanwhile, agreed that PF to keep Steve updated and to see what Steering Group comes up with. Action re meeting with council pending. Action PF/GT

9. AOB

(i) CA reported that she had been invited to be co-opted on to Brighton Society Committee as CMPCA rep. Agreed by MC. Agreed that in future no member of the MC should elect to represent the CMPCA without approval of the MC.

(ii) It was agreed that MC members should not issue emails or letters or speak on behalf of the CMPCA unless speaking to an agreed policy (eg on parking); other issues should be referred to the committee preferably at its next meeting before commenting. Policy agreed at MC meeting of 13 June para 9 re officers ability to take initiatives was re-affirmed.

(iii) Suggested use of St Nicholas for Christmas party (with singing by Fr Robert Chavner et al) could be pursued. (PS) and raised at community meeting.


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