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Minutes of the 1 August 2006 Committee Meeting

Present: Corinne Attwood; Tony Davenport; Peter Freeman (Minutes); Aidan Lunn; John Riddington; Ann Smith (Chair); Graham Towers (after item 5); Nick von Tunzelmann. Apologies: Adam Jones; Philippa Sankey.

1. Minutes of meeting 4 July 06

TD felt that the penultimate sentence of para 3 did not adequately reflect his statement on the constitution but did not offer an alternative wording. The minutes were agreed by the majority of members.

2. Matters arising

Item 2: The meeting agreed to offer £30 to Clifton Terrace garden committee as a goodwill gesture for the use of the gardens for the summer social. We noted that their request for a donation had only been made after the event and the social had been organised to cover costs only with no allowance for this expense. Committee contact list now updated after NvT had confirmed his details. PV in Canada and out of Brighton for some months; his new address is unknown so it was agreed to leave his e-mail address only. PS has undertaken delivery in Clifton Road pro tem until new street rep found.

Signage: NvT had been in touch with the Council officer responsible, who was not aware of conservation area requirements nor of the parking review and its potential impact. She had agreed to look again at the size and shape of signs in the light of the information supplied but he was not optimistic about securing improvements.

Item 7: Charity Commission had acknowledged receipt of application.

3. Matters arising from Community Meeting 18 July

The draft minutes had been circulated and were noted. AS suggested that current members should simply be asked to sign next to their names on a pre printed list. New members and those living outside the area would sign in as before. The committee agreed that this would improve the process. AS to prepare forms PF was disappointed that only around £10 had been donated, which did not cover the cost of the hall. It was agreed to provide receptacles on either side of the door, but it should be made clear that donations are voluntary. AS, PS

4. Topics for autumn meetings

These were decided following the Community meeting: September 19th – i360 with speaker from the West Pier Trust. PF to arrange, CA to invite Selma Montford, Brighton Society, to attend the meeting November 21st – First Base, Andy Winter, Brighton Housing Trust to be invited to speak about the work of the Trust PF to invite Hall bookings AS The possibility of an additional meeting in October was mooted to air views on secondary schools’ admissions policy. The meeting was unsure whether this would be appropriate given the number of meetings already held on this topic. PS to check viability and timing with Sue Smith December 12th – Christmas party at St Nicholas’ Church. Music from Father Robert, Jote Osahn and others who may be recruited. A photography competition had been suggested by RC and it was proposed to ask a photography teacher from Montpelier Crescent to judge entries. There was an inconclusive discussion about seeking consent to show entries on the website. More detailed arrangements to be made later.

5. Treasurer’s update

At the end of June the balance in the account was £2444.89. £572.32 had since been paid in and £1337.51 paid out, giving a current balance of £1679.76. The overall surplus from the newsletter after four issues remains around £1000. PS was thanked for her efforts in raising this revenue from advertisers; it was encouraging that some are giving new commitments after the first year. AL suggested the possibility of ads on the website. In discussion it was suggested that this would require (and might contribute to) increased usage and might divert revenue from the newsletter.

6. Communications

Newsletter CA reported that the newsletter was due to go to the printers in late August for distribution in the first week of September. The interview with Nick Lomax had been postponed to the next issue. Web site TD said that he had just updated the web site to include parking information displayed on lamp posts. He agreed to insert dates for future community meetings, and speakers once confirmed.

7. Parking

GT and PF circulated draft letters they proposed to send to Council. Steve Crockett’s circular to Powis Grove was also distributed, as was John Warmington’s analysis of the changes street by street. CA offered to send the plans of the proposed changes to the committee (Done) so that TD can upload the PDF to the website. NvT was concerned that plans to provide more parking took no account of conservation requirements. It was agreed that PS should be asked to circulate further info as above to street reps and that we should stimulate as many comments as possible and individuals should be encouraged to write. All comments by 16th August.

8. RAH

There was nothing to add since last meeting. PF said purchaser of main site should be announced soon. A reply to AJ’s letter to the council should be pursued. In his absence AS to chase up

9. AOB

The committee was invited to the PSCA bric à brac sale followed by a barbecue on September 2nd. Details to be circulated when known.


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