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Minutes of the 14 November 2006 Committee Meeting

Present: Corinne Attwood; Tony Davenport; Peter Freeman; Adam Jones (Chair); Aidan Lunn; John Riddington; Philippa Sankey; Ann Smith(Minutes); Nick von Tunzelmann.

Apologies: Roz Charters; Graham Towers. Resignation: Paul Vitalis who has left the area and is no longer able to serve.

1.Draft Minutes of meeting 3 October 2006.

Item 4, deletion of name; item 6 to state ‘non given’; Item 7 typographical error. With these corrections, the minutes were agreed as a true record.

2.Matters arising

Fishersgate invitation to address a meeting ready for sending; Screen: TD suggested a 7’wide ceiling hung screen £74 +VAT. Possibility of a grant to be considered. (AS) Additional items to be looked at (TD, AS); Constitution: Community Matters had explained change of ‘extraordinary’ to ‘special’ in the revised version; the meeting confirmed that any changes required should be based on the constitution agreed at the  community meeting of 17 January 2006. AGM procedures wording to be sent out for approval by Friday and inclusion in newsletter (PS) Website trial of committee street rep contacts to go ahead as agreed (TD)

3. Matters arising from 17 October community meeting

Increase in attendance from outside the area; recommendations on secondary schools’ admissions are good for this area with Varndean and Dorothy Stringer Schools accessible, however residents should be advised via newsletter that there will be strong opposition from other areas (PS); to be mentioned at Community meeting (AJ)

4. November community meeting and Christmas party

Andy Winter to bring own projector if needed. Arrangements for concert and party going well. Tickets will be available for sale at next community meeting (PS).

5. Charity Commission

Copies of the letter saying ineligible for charity status were handed round. It was agreed we should explore the possibility of an appeal and also look at implications of not having charitable status to report back at next meeting (PF, AS).

6.Meetings in 2007

Dates confirmed MC: 9/1, 6/2, 16/3, 3/4; Community:16/1, 20/3; AGM: 24/4; 16 January meeting to cover the built environment with a panel of speakers: PS, PF and TD to contact individuals to form panel to cover noise pollution, waste collection and re-cycling; March 20 Transport policy (to include cycling) (AS to find names); April 17 AGM plus presentation of new book on Brighton and Hove by M. Andrews and M. Postfield (PS); June meeting: Bennett on conservation area to be considered.

7. Treasurer’s Update

Bank balance at 1/11 was £2974.54 from which £1175 has now been paid out. The newsletter is coming in at surplus of about £300 per issue; donations at community meetings are around £20.

8. Communications update

i) Next newsletter will have 24 pages, box to be inserted near street rep list with CMPCA contact details (PS) ii) Web site: minutes of i360 meeting to go on (TD). Correct web site address to be added to next and subsequent emails to residents (PS).

9. Parking review

Previous decision overturned; parking changes to go ahead.

10. RAH update

No update though TD had heard that Wimpey Homes is the preferred bidder and that a health centre is under active consideration. Contact with PHCT before next meeting (PF).

11. Street names

Request from resident of Clifton Place for sign at top of one way street to say ‘leading to Clifton Place’. Letter to go out (JR).

12. Recycle bags

Action on the complaint about Council’s buff bags being left on street was held over as the problem seems to have gone away for the time being.

13. AOB

LDF workshop: GT would like to attend. Original letter to be passed to him (CA). Voluntary Sector Forum held a stakeholders’ event as part of the Stronger Communities Programme. Information on joining to be sent to AS so that CMPCA can be involved in future. TD asked that information on open meetings be circulated to committee. Police had reported success in catching two drug dealers and some receivers between Powis Square and Vine Place.


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