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Minutes of the 3 April 2007 Committee Meeting

Present: Roz Charters, Adam Jones (Chair), John Riddington, Philippa Sankey (Minutes), Ann Smith, Nick von Tunzelmann

Apologies: Corinne Attwood, Tony Davenport, Peter Freeman, Aidan Lunn, Graham Towers.

1. Draft Minutes of meeting of 6 March.

Agreed as a correct record.

2. Matters arising

Festival, skeleton programme in place with further music and literary events planned. Funds to come from sponsorship and possible ‘Friends’ scheme at £80 per head; main expense, programme and publicity. Separate account and festival sub-committee to be set up (Corinne, Roz, Aidan, Jote, Philippa and Debbie Shorley?). St Nicholas’ gardens’ meeting at St Nick’s not very productive but Simon Bannister keen to get input from Alliance. A sub group to be formed. Parent teacher groups to be involved too. Committee approved £20 for the purchase of pack on community gardens.

3. AGM and 19 June meeting

AGM to be preceded by postponed EGM re constitution. Notice to go out as soon as possible (PS). Approval given for hire of screen and projector requested by speaker (AS). Arrangements with church to be confirmed (PS, AS). 19 June meeting: speakers to be reminded (PS, NvT to remind TD re Shabitat, AS to check hall booking).

4. Parking signage update

NvT presented paper on the CPZ and CPY signage. Dept. of Transport had replied to Carol to effect that zone signs were unnecessary but BHCC traffic team not cooperating in having signs removed. Report that boundary to be moved North (extending the Z zone while reducing the Y) thought by NvT to be premature. Street-by-street survey of the effect of new parking regulations thought best way forward and Alliance to contact Charles Field to confirm role in review process and time scale (AS, PS).

5. Treasurer’s update

Not available for this meeting

6. Communications update

CMPCAnews 7 distributed and work starting on issue 8. No report on website.

7. RAH update

Wimpey had contacted PF with view to holding meeting with steering group and the Alliance. PF to follow up on his return.

9. AOB

Planning notification: Orange mast CAG had advised rejection of planning application for replacement mast outside RAH but Corinne’s research showed that little could be done and the best that could be hoped for was disguised mast; executors at 26 Clifton Terrace (old printing works) about to sign agreement for replacement Orange mast (for previous Cripes mast). Mitre House: NvT had visited the exhibition on the proposed development of two extra floors which would raised levels to near that of the present “tower”: massive impact and some views would be blocked. CMPCA might suggest public meeting in May? (NvT to get details). Dean Street planning consultation: until 28/04 to decide response (PS to research). Aidan’s suggestions for meeting on impact of commercialisation and increased nightlife in or near conservation area (ie on Western Road) to be included in June meeting or held over to the autumn.

It was agreed that these minutes would be circulated to new committee members.


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