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Minutes of the 6 June 2007 Committee Meeting

Present: Judy Bow, Tony Davenport, Peter Freeman, Jane Gray, Aidan Lunn, John Riddington, Philippa Sankey (Minutes), Ann Smith (Chair), Nick von Tunzelmann

Apologies: Corinne Attwood, Roz Charters, Adam Jones, Graham Towers

1. Draft Minutes of meeting of 8 May

Agreed as a correct record.

2. Matters arising

Mitre House: NvT reported planning application (BH2007/02072) now in (misleading pics produced of overshadowing); campaign set up opposing: invite mailing list to send comments to planners(PS). Parking Review: parking very difficult in Z zone with loss of single yellow lines gone and particularly difficult for visitors. Agreed to ask SRs for feedback on how new parking arrangements working with suggestions for improvement in time for autumn meeting. Ask Charles Field if extra permits have been issued (AS).

3. Community meeting 19 June

Tim Moore invited, and Sven Rufus and Sarah Lovett. Topics for autumn: 18 Sept – Parking review, invite Charles Field and boss Mark Prior (AS); 16 Oct/20 Nov: urban sustainability (including conservation issues and the increasing impact of Western Road businesses and bars, impact of Brighton Eye); use of eg solar panels in a conservation area, cob houses in St Nicholas?. Keep one meeting free for RAH issues. This is draft list to re-visit at next meeting and raise at 19 June meeting.

4. RAH update

PF reported that Steering Group had met that pm and agreed public meeting re main site should be organised soon at BHHS (£200) in 2nd half of July (NB NOT 13 – 22 July during festival) to be chaired by Francis Tonks or Adam Trimingham. Wimpey to be invited. MC reluctantly agreed to help fund meeting, but NOT fund printing of invitations (use mailing list and usual means of communication etc) (PF to relay points to SG). Concern re use of hoardings round RAH for Wimpey advertising. Re carpark site – no common position in SG because RA favoured retaining as open space. Re Powis Villas  - trees to go at no 5. 106 money: this is NOT taken up by the surgery which is a commercial operation. RA has approached Wimpey to use for coach house. JB to approach planning lawyer friend for meeting re catchment area for 106 money and eligible uses: eg St Nicholas Gardens, St Paul’s School – ask 19 June meeting for suggestions; we should get proposal together quickly.

5. Treasurer’s update

Current account has £2433. MC agreed the ANSVAR insurance quote for £542 – PS to arrange.

6. Communications update

Newsletter: CMPCAnews 8 arrived and distribution started; website to be updated (RAH etc) and pdf of festival brochure to be added (TD).

7. CMPCA Festival

Programme finalised and brochure in print. Sponsorship £925 including £125 from Tingleys for Brighton Chamber Choir concert. 

8. AOB

Notice Boards: SR Amir Moughadam had offered to have permanent noticeboard in garden – JB to check planning permission issue and PF to give her contact re possible NAG funds


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