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Minutes of the 8 May 2007 Committee Meeting

Present: Corinne Attwood, Roz Charters, Tony Davenport, Peter Freeman, Adam Jones (Chair), Aidan Lunn, Philippa Sankey (Minutes), Ann Smith, Graham Towers, Nick von Tunzelmann

Apologies: Judy Bow, Jane Gray, John Riddington

1. Draft Minutes of meeting of 3 April

Agreed as a correct record.

2. Matters arising

St Nicholas’ gardens: Simon Bannister called follow up meeting 23 May. A sub group to be formed (and asked to attend. Letter to issue to new Green Councillors Sven Rufus and Hermione Roy outlining current issues of concern of which this was one (AS/AJ)

3. Matters arising from AGM

Draft minutes agreed with one amendment (PS to circulate to membership). Thanks to go to Fr Robert Fayers (AS) and Matthew Andrews and Max Crisfield (PS)

4. Community 19 June meeting

Speakers to be reminded (PS to ask Tim Moore to approach new councillor). New councillors to be invited. AS confirmed hall booked.

5. RAH update

Agreed Wimpey’s consultation process deficient in 3 respects: i) notice too short and some hadn’t received invitation to public exhibition of proposals ii) NOT proposing public meeting (which MC agree should be held) iii) no sign of promised website. PF reported had approached Francis Tonks to replace Michael Fisher as Wykeham Terrace rep while Michael was unwell. GT commented that proposals ‘not as bad as might have been’; density not too bad and green space welcome. He was still keen to pursue the case for retaining the original building.The community green space was seen as a red herring and potential haven for drug dealers – better for Wimpey to hire park keeper to look after the St Nicholas gardens than this? CMPCA should focus on consultation process and need for public meeting. CA to find out about the fate of the trees in the carpark site.

6. Treasurer’s update

On John Warmington’s advice, the presentation of the accounts for 2005/2006 had been rearranged. Current account has £1220.51 at 1 May.

7. Communications update

Work under way on CMPCAnews 8 which would be 20 pages; nothing to report on website.

8. CMPCA Festival

There were some 20 music and literary events in place. Majority of events were no cost with the exception of the East Sussex Bach Choir which involved a guarantee of £1000. Concern was expressed at this exposure. PS to produce a budget – other main cost was £200-£300 for printing programme. Reciprocal advertising with organisations such as the Lewes Monday Lit was under way. Funds being sought from sponsorship. Separate account to be set up and festival sub-committee already operating informally (Corinne, Roz, Aidan, Jote, Philippa and Debbie Shorley). Roz reported 40 signatures already obtained for possibly closing St Michael’s place for street party on one day of Festival weekends.

9. Planning issues

Orange mast: no decision yet; PS to pursue Guy Everest for reply; new councillors to be asked views. Mitre House: NvT reported developers had gone back to ‘chew over’ comments from exhibition on the proposed development of two extra floors: GT to take a look? Primark application approved with restrictions.

10. AOB

Dog poo bins: consult new councillors. Parking John suggested asking SRs to monitor changes and survey residents? Agreed to take stall at St Nick’s fair £15 (NB 16 not 23 June) to promote Festival and CMPCA (PS, CA, RC, NvT and TD offered to ‘person’ stall). It was agreed to continue to hold MC meetings monthly (on the first WEDNESDAY of the month) and 9 community meetings as at present (AS to explore Wednesday as alternative).


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