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Minutes of the 6 February 2007 Committee Meeting

Present: Corinne Attwood; Tony Davenport; Peter Freeman; Adam Jones (Chair); Aidan Lunn; Philippa Sankey (Minutes); Ann Smith; Nick von Tunzelmann.

Apologies: Roz Charters; John Riddington; Graham Towers

1. Draft Minutes of meeting 9 January 2007

Agreed as a correct record.

2. Matters arising

AL reported that First Base was worth pursuing as a community meeting venue for around 50 persons. Keen for premises to be used – not asking for money. Heating a bit iffy – a few fan heaters, so perhaps use first in the summer (AS and PS to visit). Cheques for £500 donations to BHT and Friends of St Nicholas issued but not yet cashed; suggested inviting reps to AGM to give brief account of work.

3. Matters arising from 16 January Community meeting

Draft minutes accepted by MC and issued to residents. Secondary schools’ admissions policy: outcome good for our area. Ask Steve Crockett for brief contribution to CMPCAnews 7 (PS).

4. Future Meetings

20 Feb meeting ‘St Nicholas Gardens: issues, concerns and opportunities’

  • Poster and Agenda issued and included notice of EGM to deal with MC’s proposed amendments to constitution
  • Would concern all three green spaces around St Nicholas’ church (managed by the Council and now included in city centre’s Environment Improvement Zone). Simon Bannister of Council’s Environment Improvement Team keen to get residents’ feedback on his paper which had been circulated to residents. Ann Baldridge of B & H Food Partnership would also present 40s themed allotment proposal for Garden of Rest. Police also invited to stay because of the security issues of these spaces (PS). Bookings and payment to be checked (AS)
  • 20 March meeting on Transport issues: This date now to be offered to Wimpey (PF) to follow up their fax, and if they accept, Transport to be put on hold (AS) and 20 Feb meeting to be asked if happy to transfer Transport to (extra) meeting in May or September meeting.
  • 19 June meeting on Waste issues and environment
    date accepted by Tim Moore and Gill Mitchell for proposed discussion on the environment; Noise officers also to be contacted (PS). PS and AS to pursue holding this meeting at First Base.

5. AGM 24 April

To be held in St Michael’s Church with illustrated talk by Michael Andrews and Max Crisfield on their book Brighton and Hove. Projector and screen requirements to be passed to TD and AS to implement (PS).

Draft statement of accounts circulated (PF, PS); comments to be sent to PF, final version to MC soon for clearance to publish in CMPCAnews 7. Draft MC report to be circulated to committee (PS) for similar clearance.

6. Treasurer’s update

£3024.18 in bank at end of January but £1000 donation cheques not yet cashed. Further revenue due from ads in CMPCAnews 6.

7. Communications

Newsletter CMPCAnews 7 focusing on local Fringe events due out in mid March (at least 28 days before AGM). To include hospital update, petition and news of surgery closure. Web site: street rep trial contacts now available; dates of future meetings and venues to go on (TD).

8. RAH update

SG meeting 9 Feb when new terms of reference would be agreed. MC agreed that composition of SG should remain unchanged (ie reps of current groups only and any financial interests should be transparent and if necessary excluded). Vinod Mashru, owner of Bright News, interested in taking over from Robert Gregory as West Hill rep. Agreed to welcome Ray Charnak (purchaser of the villas) and invite to a community meeting to present development proposals (PS). Idea of Josh Levene helping residents present views at eg Wimpey meeting to be aired at SG (PF).

9. Infestation of new signage

Following NvT and CD’s intensive research agreed to send CMPCA letter deploring increase in number and size of parking signs (particularly on the Y/Z zone boundary) (PS AJ). Copy to Councillors to be followed later by petition if necessary.

10. Festival

Proposal by PS and CA for 8 day CMPCA literary and music festival (14-22 July) in St Michael’s and St Nicholas agreed in principle. Also that summer events such as Clifton Terrace Garden Party and Zocalo would happen at same time.

11. AOB

Argus article on Urban Tales for the Brighton Festival passed to members.


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