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Minutes of the 9 January 2007 Committee Meeting

Present: Corinne Attwood; Roz Charters; Tony Davenport; Peter Freeman; Adam Jones (Chair); Aidan Lunn; John Riddington; Philippa Sankey (Minutes); Ann Smith; Nick von Tunzelmann.
Apologies: Graham Towers

The Committee sent its best wishes to Graham Towers for a speedy recovery.

1. Draft Minutes of meeting 5 December 2006

Agreed as a correct record.

2. Matters arising

Parking Review: PS to respond in the context of the email from the transport official to our last objections. AL to follow up possible use of First Base. Grant possibility from Scarman Trust ruled out because reluctant to make grants of less than £2000; arrangements made to hire projector and screen for the AGM from the resource centre in Carlton Hill (AS)

3. Matters arising from 12 December Concert and Party

Thanks extended to all those involved, especially Zita Latham who gave her services free of charge and kept the outgoings to a minimum. The MC agreed to donate £30.73 to bring the total raised for charity to £1000 to be divided between the BHT and the Friends of St Nicholas.

4. Meetings in 2007

Arrangements for the 16 Jan meeting with Fishersgate, Wimpey and Rob Fraser and Roger Dowty from the Council were discussed; speakers for 20 Feb also discussed (PS: to ask Tim Moore and Gill Mitchell and ask them to give overview about getting us all to recycle/compost more); PS to ask someone from Council to talk about opening up the cemetery more to public use (as well as the allotment project); and 20 March transport meeting (Mark Strong, Stuart Croucher, (AS) and PS to ask Bruce Smith) and AGM discussed.

5. Constitution

Amendments agreed in version sent out on 23 Dec plus new amendments as agreed at meeting; this version to be re-sent to residents.

6. Treasurer’s update

The total amount in the bank on 1 Jan was £3356.41 (£1000 of which was to be donated to charity as above). PF and PS preparing end of year accounts that would be examined by John Warmington as independent examiner. Financial statement would be included in March newsletter.

7. Communications

Newsletter planning started on CMPCAnews 7 which would include report from Management Committee and the financial statement in preparation for the AGM; it would also include 4 page section on the Brighton Festival fringe as last year. Web site: trial arrangement whereby residents can access street reps on MC via website in place. Lack of photo competition entries noted, to be re-launched in next Newsletter and mentioning at next community meeting.


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