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Minutes of the 5 December 2006 Committee Meeting

Present: Corinne Attwood; Tony Davenport; Peter Freeman; Adam Jones (Chair); Aidan Lunn; Philippa Sankey (Minutes); Ann Smith; Graham Towers; Nick von Tunzelmann.
Apologies: Roz Charters; John Riddington

1. Draft Minutes of meeting 14 November 2006

Corrections made to dates in para 6 and Minutes then agreed as a correct record.

2. Matters arising

Invitation to Fishersgate to be sent (PS/PF); website trial of MC SR details to go ahead (TD). Parking Review: it was agreed CMPCA should write and ask what the terms of reference were for the 6 month review and emphasise that we would like to be involved and consulted in the review and ask about the policy on the ratio of spaces to permits.

3. Matters arising from 21 November Community meeting

Draft minutes noted; AL to approach First Base re possible hire of their hall for community meetings.

4. Charity Status update

The pros and cons of charitable status discussed and it was agreed that for the moment no appeal would be mounted. Constitution to be circulated (PS) once more to committee before circulation in the community by 2 Jan for consideration at 16 Jan meeting.

5. Christmas Concert and 2007 Meetings

Arrangements for the concert discussed and speakers for 16 Jan (waste collection, noise etc) and 20 March and AGM discussed.

6. Treasurer’s update

Since the previous meeting £712.75 had been paid in and no cheques out.

7. Communications

Newsletter  CMPCAnews 6 expected imminently, distribution plans in place. Web site: trial arrangement whereby residents can access street reps on MC via website to be introduced (TD).

8. RAH

It was also agreed that we should follow up request for early meeting with the planning department to discuss the implementation of planning guidance once successful bid for main site known.

9. AOB

Report on visit to Community Voluntary Sector Forum (AS) and decision taken to join; agreed to consider further, grant application for screen (AS and TD).


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