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The Local Development Framework

The Clifton Montpelier Powis Community Alliance is coming into being at an auspicious time, just as a new planning system has been introduced by the government to give local people more power to influence the future of the communities they live in. Local development frameworks are now being created across the country, placing local communities at the heart of the process of looking at future development needs and opportunities. Our involvement is intended to ensure that these new plans deliver sustainable development and reflect the kid of city we want to live in. Mayor Bob Carden, former Chair of the council's planning committee, says: "The policies that we decide to include in the local development framework will be the backbone of the planning process and how we consider planning applications."

There are two levels of plans. At the regional level, the South East England Regional Assembly is responsible for preparing a "regional spatial strategy". At the local level, Brighton and Hove is working on a Local Development Framework, which will set out how the city may change over the next few years. The framework will include a number of different documents:

  • A Statement of Community Involvement, to explain how local people can be involved during the different stages of plan preparation;
  • a "Core Strategy", which will provide a vision for the city, and include city-wide policies to guide future development;
  • A "Housing, Employment and Mixed-Use Site Allocations Plan" to help the council respond to national and regional policy on housing and the economy.
  • A new set of development control policies will guide developers: area action plans will allow a planning framework to be developed for areas where significant change, regeneration or conservation is envisaged; supplementary planning documents will provide further detail on specific topics such as shopfronts or specific major areas.

There are a number of key issues which will need to be addressed in the preparation of the local development framework. One of these is the growing demand for homes, with more people moving into the city, and the number of people per household falling. Decisions have to be made regarding the provision of new housing, and the appropriate density, quality, affordability, and the best use of scarce available land.

The council is aware that many people feel that their neighbourhood is special, which is certainly the case with the Clifton-Montpelier-Powis area. The council states that it intends to carry out a study to identify areas of differing character within the city, many of which will require protection and enhancement, while still contributing to meeting the need for housing and employment. It is vital that the residents of our area be informed about such studies, and our views taken into account when formulating policy on the basis of them. The CMPCA will play a vital role in monitoring the progress and results of these studies and will keep residents informed, sounding out their views, and communicating these to the council in time for them to be taken into account at the start of planning and development policy formulation.

The council claims to regard the protection of open spaces as a priority, and says it intends to strike a balance between the protection of urban open land and the need for new development. A study is to be carried out to ensure that the best use is made of parks and open spaces.

The council claims to want everyone to be actively involved in the planning process in future, and is looking at different methods of consultation to make sure that people can be actively involved at an early stage. In the spring questionnaires were distributed to local amenity and residents' associations. The Acting Committee of the CMPCA completed the questionnaire on behalf of this area, expressing our desire to be kept informed about all issues, by all means possible. Our newsletter will keep all residents and local businesses informed at all stages.

Please see our website for the Local Development Framework documents from the Council, the questionnaire, and our response.


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