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Central Parking Survey

Committee member and street rep for Clifton Place John Riddington is currently conducting surveys of the parking situation ahead of the council's review and our meeting on 18th September 2007.

From John:

“As parking is a very important issue for many residents, the Management Committee has decided that the CMCPA should make a submission to the Council on this issue.  In order to try to represent residents' views fairly, the committee has decided that a survey of the views of street reps should be undertaken.  The committee would thus be grateful if you could complete and return the attached form (supplied in both Word and pdf formats) to me as soon as possible.  The attached form can either be completed and returned electronically or printed out, completed by hand and be returned by post/hand.  The relevant addresses are given below and at the bottom of the form.  Feedback received so far is that the situation in Zone Z is generally worse than before the changes; whilst in Zone Y the position is better.  One particular adverse effect noted has been that finding a parking space in Zone Z in the evening, for both visitors and residents, has been made much more difficult because of the huge reduction in the amount of single yellow line parking space available.  It is known that the Council would consider changing some double lines back to single and so your views on this matter is particularly sought with regards to your particular street.  Some changes were made during the implementation of the scheme and so we would also like to know whether 'your' street had any success with getting any changes made.  The Council will be advertising later this month a draft traffic amendment order to ratify the changes made during implementation.  A survey of intra-zone commuting, promised when the Environment Committee approved the scheme last year, will be completed in October and any possible boundary changes considered after that.  Regency Cllr Sven Rufus, a member of the Environment Committee, will be at our next meeting on 18th  September.”

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