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Council planning report rejects development

Planning officers have published their recommendations to councillors, and are advising them that he application should be rejected.

Of course it remains to be seen how the planning committee vote, however they ususally follow the officers recomendations. If you wish to attend the meeting it is being held at 2pm on 5th March 2008 at Hove Town Hall.

The reasons given for rejection are as follows:

1. It is considered that the design of the development by virtue of its height, scale, mass, detailing and appearance does not contribute positively to its immediate surroundings and would have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of both the street scene and the Montpelier and Clifton Hill conservation area and the setting of the West Hill conservation Area. In addition the Clifton Hill frontage would have a detrimental impact on the adjoining listed coach house. The proposal would therefore be contrary to policies, QD1, QD2, QD4, QD5, HE3 and HE6 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan.

2. The applicant has failed to demonstrate that flats in the main block which have a north facing aspect would result in an acceptable and appropriate standard of accommodation. The proposal is therefore contrary to policy SU2, and HO4 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan.

3. Policy HO13 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan requires new residential dwellings to be built to a lifetime homes standard whereby the accommodation can be adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities without major structural alterations. The scheme fails to fully incorporate lifetime home standards into the design of the flats with no side transfer in any of the bathrooms.

4. The applicant has failed to provide sufficient information in order for the Local Authority to make an assessment of the suitability of the proposed bio mass fuel plant and is therefore contrary to policy SU9 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan.

5. Policy SU13 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Document 03 Construction and Demolition Waste requires the submission of a Waste Management Plan with the application. This should demonstrate how the elements of sustainable waste management, including demolition and re-use of waste has been incorporated into the scheme. The information submitted is not considered sufficiently detailed to demonstrate compliance with policy SU13 and SPD03.

6. The application proposes internal bathrooms throughout the development which would be reliant on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation to an unacceptable level. The proposed development is therefore contrary to policy SU2 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan and SPGBH16: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in New Developments.

You can download the full report by clicking here.