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Parking Changes

In Brighton & Hove Town Halls there are currently graphic displays detailing the proposed changes to the parking system in Brighton, aimed at shortening the waiting list for residents' permits and allowing visitors to make use of available space when permit holders are away during the day. The few remaining two and four-hour free bays will be replaced by a mixture of shared pay&display and residents' bays, exclusive pay&display bays, and exclusive residents' parking bays. Some existing single yellow lines will be lost. The biggest change will be the amalgamation of the present small parking zones into two large ones North & South Central Brighton, which could potentially mean driving up and down the streets for lengthy periods before finally finding a parking space a fair distance away from home. These changes are still under consideration and the Council is currently consulting residents, so it is vital that all residents are fully informed about them so that they can make their views known to the Council in good time to affect the final decision. The CMPCA meeting on 18th October will focus on the proposed changes, with someone from the Council to talk to us and answer questions.